What are Badges? How can I get one?

Badges are a type of verification and qualification that our members can earn. The badges confirm what business capabilities they have.

How can badges help?

Badges are great for all Serai members. It not only helps counterparts trust that you are who you say you are, but it also makes your profile stand out. The more Badges you have, the more trusted and confident everyone feels!

Add Badges to your profile today. Once you pick which Badge you want to add, it will take you through the next steps.


There are 2 types of Badges available in Serai:

  • Premium
  • Verified Business

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A Premium Badge indicates that the profile belongs to a premium customer of Serai's. Premium subscribers have more visibility on the platform including having on featured profiles and are entitled to features such as premium analytics and marketplace. It further indicates that the member has a strong intention of doing business on the platform and there is a high likelihood that the user has previously sold products on the platform.

Verified Business Badge has to be earned by passing additional verification processes performed by third parties. They help differentiate our customers' profiles and showcase their business capabilities. We’re always working on adding more Badges. Members can apply for the Dun & Bradstreet Seal that verifies their business as legitimate, and a QIMA Badge that verifies manufacturing capabilities.  


Learn more about the specifics of certain Badges here.

Please note: Some Badges may not be available in your locations. More information is available here.