Serai Badges

Badges help build trust in Serai's community and provides our members with additional information when deciding who to trade with. All Serai members can apply for badges and when specific requirements are met, the badge is shown on the member’s profile.

There are two categories of badges on Serai:

  1. Premium
  2. Verified Business

Badges are issued based on a point-in-time check. This means that each badge is issued once the relevant credentials related to that badge have been successfully verified.   


Serai offers our customers the option to subscribe to premium services. All premium customers also earn the right to display the Premium badge.

Premium Badge


(Available to all our members)

A Premium badge indicates that the member has a strong intention of doing business and is actively engaged on Serai.

The following features are offered to Premium subscribers:

  • Marketplace
  • Placed on top of search
  • Profile building service
  • Premium analytics
  • Exclusive access to private sourcing events
  • List of suitable buyers to connect with
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Verified Business

To help members build trust with trade partners, Verified Business badges are the way to show the reliability of members' profile. Any member must have passed additional verification steps in order to earn their badge(s). Each badge is earned based on what type of verification the member has passed.

Dun & Bradstreet Seal

D&BLogo_24_Outline (1)

(Available for our members based in India)

A Dun & Bradstreet Seal is added to a member’s profile if their business information can be verified by Dun & Bradstreet.

Additionally, a more detailed D&B D−U−N−S® Registered™ Solution (DRS) report will also be available.  The report will show information on the company that has been verified by D&B, so that anyone looking to trade with this business can be assured of its authenticity. 

The following details are verified as part of the screening process:

  • Corporate information
  • Registration information
  • Key employees
  • D&B information (please see sample report)

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More information about Dun & Bradstreet can be found here.

QIMA Badge

QimaLogo_24 1 (2)

(Available for manufacturers worldwide)

A QIMA Badge is added to a member's profile once that member has passed a facility audit check by QIMA.

A detailed audit report will also be produced when the badge is issued, allowing our members to showcase their manufacturing capabilities to prospective customers.

This report contains information across four aspects, together with a verified quality score that shows that our member meets industry standards.

The following details are verified:

  • Organisation charts  
  • Production lines - capacity 
  • Factory facilities - machinery condition
  • Quality assurance system

Check out QIMA sample report

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More information about QIMA also can be found here.

Verified Badge

Ic_Shield 1

(Available for India and Bangladesh - Limited liability companies only)

A Verified Badge indicates that a member's business documents match the information on their Serai account. This information is verified via a third party verification provider - Kyckr.

Note: The application of this Badge is closed, feel free to check out the other Badges.

The following details are verified:

  • Valid business registration certificate 
  • Serai profile name