Manage Your Showcase’s Visibility

You can choose which showcase information you show and hide through Serai's visibility feature.

  1. Who can see my showcase?

  2. What is showcase visibility
  3. How to manage my showcase visibility?

Who can see my showcase?

By default, all of your showcase sections are only visible to your network.. We recommend that you keep it visible so that other businesses can easily find and learn about your company. The ability for companies to explore each other’s profile is exactly what instils trust in the search process on Serai.

However, we understand that there is some business information you may want to keep private. You can therefore choose which showcase information you show and hide through our visibility feature. This means you can still stay in touch easily with key partners and keep up to date with them, whilst still ensuring your information remains private.

What is showcase visibility?

  • Showcase visibility allows you to control the way in which you display your showcase information on Serai. Showcase has a default setting of visibility, however, you can change it on your profile.
  • Each relationship visibility settings refer to:
    • Public: Visible to anyone on the internet
    • Serai members: Visible to every member of Serai
    • Your network: Visible to your connections on Serai
    • Private: Visible only to your team members (this will limit your ability to be found by others on Serai)

How to manage my showcase visibility?

To manage your network visibility:
  • Click the dropdown of “Visibility Setting” from the showcase section which you wish to perform the action
  • Choose either one of the below options:
    • Public
    • Serai members
    • Your network
    • Private