How to manage roles on Serai?

Serai encourages you to invite your team members and use our service collaboratively. You can always manage your list of colleagues by inviting a new member, changing their roles or removing them from the profile. Learn more below.


Invite your team members to Serai

Only Admins and Editors can invite their colleagues to their Serai profile. 

  • Click setting-1 Settings on your navigation bar
  • Click Invite
  • Type your colleague’s first name, last name and email address
  • Select a role from the arrow collapse Dropdown menu
  • Type a message if you want to explain why you are inviting your colleague
  • Click Confirm to send the invitation

Note: If you are an Editor, you can only send an invitation to your colleague under the role of Editor and User. If you are an Admin, you can invite your colleague to join as an Admin, Editor or User.

Keep in mind that you should only ever invite colleagues who are part of your company to manage your company profile on Serai.


Remove a colleague who has a role

Only Admins can remove team members from Serai.

  • Click setting-1 Settings on your navigation bar
  • Click Remove next to the person you want to remove
  • Click Confirm

Note: You are not allowed to remove yourself from a profile, if you would like to delete your account please contact us. And if you are the only admin of the profile, you will need to assign or invite another admin first before changing your role. 


Change a colleague’s role

Only Admins or Editors can change team member roles:

  • Click setting-1 Settings on your navigation bar
  • Click arrow collapse Dropdown menu next to the person whose role you want to change 
  • Select a role from the Dropdown menu