How to control my network's visibility

  1. What is network visibility?
  2. How to manage my network visibility?
  3. Can a company that I am not connected with see my network?


What is network visibility?

Network visibility allows you to control the way in which you display your relationships on Serai. Each relationship type has a default setting of visibility, however, you can change it while you are initiating a connection request or when managing your existing network


Each relationship visibility settings refer to:

Serai members: Visible to every member of Serai

Your network: Visible to your connections on Serai

Private: Visible only to your team members (this will limit your ability to be found by others on Serai)


How to manage my network visibility?

To manage your network visibility:

  1. Click dots Contextual Menu from the company profile which you wish to perform the action and select Manage relationship OR
  2. Go to your network list from your network widget by clicking See all
  3. Click dots Contextual Menu next to the company
  4. Select Manage relationship
  5. Select relationship visibility settings and choose either one of the below options:
    • Serai members
    • Your network
    • Private
  6. Click Confirm


Can a company that I am not connected with see my network?

Companies can only see the networks of other companies they are connected to.