How do I build a great profile on Serai?

Serai allows you to create a digital profile that helps your company to stand out from the crowd and be found by the right partners.

Serai creates a profile template for your company, so that you can add all the essential content to create the best digital profile for your company.


We have separated a few sections for you to create your company profile:

  1. Company Information (See Editing your Company Information)
  2. Company Overview (See Editing your Company Overview)
  3. Company's Capabilities and Looking For (See Company Capabilities and Looking For)
  4. Showcase (See Editing Your Showcase)
  5. Additional Information (See Editing Your Additional Information)
  6. Network (See How do I build my network)


How do I build my network?

Another key part of your company profile is your network. This shows the companies you have relationships with on Serai and indicates to new partners what type of businesses you already work with. Head over to Grow Your Network for more network-related topics.