How can I use Serai to find new business partners

Serai’s search engine helps you find new business partners and opportunities. You can search by any keywords (i.e Products, Company Name or Locations) to find your potential business partners.

Through the same search functionality, other businesses will be able to find your company on Serai. Companies on Serai may also discover one another based on exploring the network connections on a company’s profile. 

On this page, you will learn more about searching for new partners on Serai.

How can I find new partners on Serai?

Serai helps you find a company based on the keywords in the following sections:

    1. Company name
    2. Primary location
    3. Business type
    4. Short Description
    5. Capabilities
    6. Company highlights
    7. Company overview
    8. Products
    9. Customers
    10. Services
    11. Production facilities
    12. Certifications
    13. Sustainability & Compliance 

To find a company by keywords on Search:

Serai helps you find for a company based on the type of products they buy or sell. To find a company by product type:

  1. Click search Search in the navigation bar
  2. Type in any keywords that you wish your business partner could match 
  3. Click on the section filter to narrow down the search results (if necessary)
  4. Click  Search

Tips: We are constantly enhancing our search engine to become smarter and sophisticated. If you are unable to find a match through our search engine, why not sending us some comments via , We will help you in person!

How do I make sure my profile appears in other companies search results?

Companies can search for partners based on company name, location, types of product / service and certifications. If your company does not match the criteria of the search it won't show up in the search result.

The factors below will increase the search result ranking of your company’s profile:

  • Completing your company profile
  • Increasing the number of connections you have on Serai by inviting your existing network to join or connecting with new companies on Serai

The more connections you have and the more information you put in your company’s profile (especially in your Capabilities and Looking For section), the more likely you will rank better in search results and the more likely you are to find new business opportunities.

Tip: Adding tags in your Capabilities and Looking For section can increase your chances of being found by the right business partners. Learn how to add your capabilities and the products and services you’re looking for.

To learn more about growing your network go to How do I connect with companies on Serai?